In order to answer the question of what is my numerology name, which calculates your personality type, the most common way is to assign one through nine to each letter as numerology is about reduction to single digits:

chaldean numerology

Note that in order to calculate your numerology name , you must use your full legal name, not your nickname. This is in order to establish the maximum accuracy possible.

For example, if your full name is Lucita Kale John, using the chart laid out above, you would quickly calculate as your numerology name, 3+3+3+9+2+1+2+1+3+5+1+6+8+5=52, 5+2=7, the deep thinker

Here are some basics as to the results that are obtained when you calculate your numerology name:

Numerology Numbers and How To Calculate Them

  • One: Number one is a born leader. You tend to seem to possess an ability to stand alone and be highly independent. On the positive side, your tendencies lie in having very high self-confidence, creativity and originality. When imbalanced, however, you can become arrogant, impatient, and self-centered. When it comes to love and romantic relationships, you tend to always want to be in the lead. You’re not happy unless you’re the one doing the chasing and you need a lot of unpredictability and excitement because you tend to get bored easily.

  • Two: Number two is the mediator and peace-lover. You tend to value harmony, gentleness and consideration. You tend to be very talented at diplomacy and you possess a sensitive, warm and peaceful personality. When imbalanced, however, you can become clingy, passive-aggressive, and manipulative. Your tend to leave yourself too vulnerable in romantic and love relationships because of your general tendency to bend over backwards to keep them going. However, on the plus side, you tend to offer emotional security as well.

  • Three: Number three is the social butterfly type. You tend to love life and be optimistic and kind. You also tend to have a jovial nature and be very adventurous. When imbalanced, however, you have a tendency to get shallow, fragmented and exuberant. In love and romantic relationships, you tend to need a balance of time to yourself and contact with others. You’re often willing to experiment and are very energetic. However, it might be a good idea for you to set some boundaries for time to yourself since you tend to become restless if you feel too restricted.

  • Four: Number four is the worker. You tend to be very detail-oriented, helpful, hardworking, and trustworthy. You also tend to be logical and self-disciplined. When imbalanced, however, you tend to become self-contradicting, narrow-minded and stubborn. In love and romantic relationships, you tend to be trustworthy and even-tempered. You also tend to love a good debate. However, you may need to set some boundaries for having your own hobbies, nights out with your friends, time to yourself etc. since you tend to get frustrated and emotional when you feel restricted.

  • Five: Number five is the freedom lover. You also tend to possess a sense of high intellect. Aside from being romantic, you also tend to be highly adaptive, resourceful, witty, accommodating, and curious. However, when imbalanced, you tend to be inconsistent, non-committal and irresponsible. In romantic and love relationships, you tend to bring the wit of love to the fun. In order to prevent becoming bored, you require a lot of change, variety, and mental stimulation. When you’re partner isn’t reciprocating enough of it, you tend to become inconsistent and non-committal.

  • Six: Number six is the straight-laced peace lover. You tend to be even-tempered, loving and harmonious, family-loving, highly compassionate and domestic-oriented. However, when out of balance, you tend to become resistant to change, jealous, and superficial. In love and romantic relationships, your number one priority is usually doing your best to keep the peace and you tend to be very connected to your home and/or family. However, you need to be careful not to take it too far by doing things like being diplomatic to the point of superficiality, jealous and especially by becoming lethargic.

  • Seven: Number seven is the deep thinker. You tend to be very introspective, quiet and not very materialistic. Your ways tend to be unorthodox but reserved. However, when imbalanced, you tend to take too little action, be hard to reach, more eccentric than usual, and melancholic. In love and romantic relationships, you tend to be hard to understand and/or reach. As a devoted partner, you tend to bring some of your oddity into the kinkiness, which can serve as a catalyst for bringing your levels of intimacy beyond most people’s imagination. Do be careful not to throw too much of your idealism into relationship. This often leads to disappointment.

  • Eight: Number eight is the manager. You have a very strong sense of success and are business-oriented, practical, authoritative, courageous, and ambitious. However, when imbalanced, you tend to become forceful, materialistic, and tense. In love and romantic relationships, you tend to make the commitment with bravery and high responsibility. You also provide stability and practicality. Do be careful not to treat them as just another business deal as this tends to drive partners away.

  • Nine: Number nine is the teacher. You have a tendency to be partially impractical but very sympathetic and tolerant. At best, you tend to be very philanthropic, a rare gem, humanitarian, and determined. When imbalanced, however, you tend to become restless, moody, financially irresponsible, and, moody. In love and romantic relationships, you tend to be involved and helpful. However, be careful to set boundaries as people can easily see that as an opportunity to use you as a doormat. When you’re triggered, you can become quite volcanic.

Whichever of the above is your numerology name, is also your main vibration.
I think most of us get to a point where we question life. We start to wonder why we are here. We question our true purpose. Our true purpose is not just about making money. We look inward. We realize how small we are when comparing ourselves to the bigger picture.

Where Are We Going?

Questions like that begin our personal journey of self-discovery. There are certain tools we can use to calculate where we came from and where we are going.
  1. The Numerology Calculator
  2. The Numerology Name Calculator
  3. The Name Numerology Calculator
  4. The Free Numerology Calculator
  5. The Name Calculator
  6. The Chaldean Calculator
You put together a profile of the person by creating numbers. These numbers are directly linked to the person’s name and birth date. The person’s profile holds information regarding a person’s relationships, their past, their present, and their future.


How Do I Calculate My Numbers?

You reduce your birth date down to three single digits. Your month/date/year will contain a master number. You add up all the master numbers and reduce the digits down once more.

The Life Path Number

There is something in the world of numerology called the “Life Path” number. Your Life Path number contains a profile of who you are. You can get the same information you might have received from your numerology calculator, your name calculator, your free numerology calculator, or Chaldean Calculator by using your Life Path number.
  1. You start by using your full birth date and year. The Life Path Calculations differ to the numerology name calculator or the name numerology calculator. They begin with a reduce birth date and year when the Life Path does not. Chad is born in December of 2009. Chad reduces the 12th month by adding 1+2=3.
  2. Chad then adds in the remaining single digits to get his number. Chad’s example is Month=3 + Day=1 + Year=2. 3 + 1 + 2 = 6.
Chad’s Life Path number is 6. Now we move onto the numbers and how they correspond to each person’s numerology.

What Does Your Life Path Number Reveal About Your Life Purpose?

  1. Each number corresponds to the manner of living you need to become accustomed to.
  2. You will have your success revealed and the roadblocks you need to overcome.
  3. Your number shows what work you need to do to be fulfilled in life.

Your Destiny Numbers Defined and Revealed

Number One
Your goal is to be successful in everything you do. You are a perfectionist, which sometimes frustrates others. You expect the best out of everyone you work with. You push yourself harder than anyone.

Number Two
Your goal is to bring people together in harmony and love. Love is very important to you, but so is diplomacy and working in a group dynamic.

Number Three
Your goal is to motivate. Your focus is to achieve your goals or get self-destructive. You will battle depression. You might also be judgmental towards others.

Number Four
You want something of value in your life. You also want to leave value behind as part of your legacy. You crave order. You are also known to be rigid at times.

Number Five
Your goal is to effect change and offer a sense of freedom to other people. Your motto stems from liberation and freedom. You can sell anything as long as you believe in what you are selling.

Number Six
You are a people pleaser and a nurturer, sometimes in the most unfortunate circumstances. You learned responsibility early in life and that will carry over into your adult years. You need to watch yourself on someone who likes to play the “victim”. You are more likely to be an enabler to them.

Number Seven
You are drawn to spirituality and learning. Knowledge is very important to you and your life’s mission.

Number Eight
You are an opinionated, controlling task-master. You crave power and financial freedom. You need to watch for greed because that will be your demise.

Number Nine
You want to achieve a heightened stated of consciousness. Some people might find you are hard to approach or arrogant, even when you try to help them. You need to watch how you talk to people. No one likes someone getting preachy on their “soapbox”, which is the way you might appear at times.

Getting to know Donna – My First Job

by Donna on February 8, 2011

Today I’m bringing you back to when I was 16 – my first job, as waitress at a 50′s style restaurant .

Welcome to Shady Glen!

The ice cream cooler – We shined these ever single night with hot hot hot water! I blame that for my wrinkly hands!

Creepy little elves on the mural – they were actually repainted because of fading, but they are pretty much the same.

The ice cream flavor sign – the only thing that has changed are the prices.

This place has not changed in 45 years!

Shady Glen was featured on the Food Network The Best Thing I Ever Ate!

I took a picture of this specific seat because I remember one customer who always sat here. He came in at night and ordered a black coffee with sugar and the scallop platter. He was deaf and always wrote down his order on a notepad even though his order never changed. My favorite customer.

The Ice cream – Nothing like it! Creamy and perfect.

This is the view from our booth way in the back.


The waitresses wear “cute” little turquoise dresses with a ruffly apron. – yes I wore this, everyday!

The BURGER – This is the Bernice Burger!See that crispy stuff – yah, that’s cheese!

That’s what the burger is all about. Crispy cheese!

Close up of the cheese, just because!

My favorite Sundae — EVER!

Pumpkin Pie sundae. Pumpkin ice cream, caramel, pecans and fresh whip cream – delish!

The soda fountain. Yes a REAL soda fountain. we made all of the soda with soda syrup and seltzer water from the fountain. I fell in love with Ice cream sodas and cherry coke here!

The menu. It’s always been up on the walls.

When I started the price of a cheese burger was around $3.25 now they are $5.60 and worth every penny!

The milkshake machine and milk cooler. Milkshakes were $2.12… now they’ve got to be over $4 !

Love how vintage!

Every customer gets a tiny little cup of water when they sit down.

I also kept my tips rolled up in one of these under the counter when I was working!

The cooks – bowties and paper hats!


So there you have it! My first job. crispy cheese, pumpkin ice cream and an ageless restaurant!


Now I’m hungry. Shoot…


NOLA2009-4 by agbayliss, on Pix-O-Sphere

Tonight we will drop off the kids at their grandparents house and head over to church for our first night of Financial Peace University.

You may have heard me talk about FPU and Dave Ramsey on the site before. If you look back you will notice one BIG thing… NO FOLLOW THROUGH. I had the hype and excitement before. I had read the books, even watched some of the videos, and you’d better believe I listened to the Dave Ramsey Show on podcast, but it was short lived. We did fairly well when we were using cash envelopes, we were motivated for a short period of time, but we let things slide and we’re right back where we started. We are looking forward to doing this with a group. I’m a firm believer in accountability.

Yesterday was such a faith-building day for me. I had just hung up the phone with my father when I got a phone call from church, I assumed it was about tonight’s meeting; maybe they were canceling it because of the weather? No. On the other end of the line was our worship pastor and friend. He goes on to tell me that someone at church had just called him and wanted to donate 100 gallons of heating oil for our family anonymously. He said the oil would be delivered the next day.

I.was.floored – the tears started to fall and immediately I felt so blessed, so very humbled and encouraged for whats ahead for us. After a few minutes of thanks and thanks and more thanks, I got off the phone and called my husband. His reaction was much of the same, we were both so very blessed.

No one want’s to spill out the details of their financial, lives for all to see. Some people think it’s just rude or in bad taste.

I disagree. We need more honesty.

With that said I’m not going to spill out our wage amounts,  our debts numbers and you won’t be seeing any fancy detailed spreadsheets on this site. That’s just not my thing. But I will be honest.

So tonight we start this adventure. I have a feeling it’s going to be just that, an adventure, just like an adventure novel with the struggles, the mountains to climb and the enemies to slay. It’s not going to be fun. But it is going to be freeing!

As we go forward I really felt that I should ask for prayer. Something I don’t think I’ve ever done here on the blog. We’d love for you to pray for us as we seek to be honest with ourselves. Pray that we might both find ways to increase our income both through part-time work and through new clients. You can even pray for miracles, we could use a few of those.

I know we’re not alone and I know we are surrounded by family and friends who love and support us.

Thank you,


I found a healthy food I LOVE

by Donna on February 2, 2011

I’ve been eating really well for the last 3 weeks and I had been really struggling lately with getting bored with what I’ve been eating. I can only eat so much salad! I want to keep up the weight loss success but I have to mix it up a little!

I was at the grocery store the other day and I went over towards the deli. There, right in between the cafe and deli there was a sushi guy! In the grocery store! Making FRESH sushi! He hands me a sample – I love it – it tastes great. (Yes, I’ve had sushi before and love all kinds! Thanks dad for making me try some!)

I grabbed a package of sushi from the cooler and he tells me that the sushi is made fresh daily. I’m sold!

Sushi is ultra healthy. Low in calories and depending on what kind you have it’s full of great nutrients. What’s great about sushi is that it makes a great snack too.

Just looking at that picture makes me want to run out and grab some — too bad it’s super icy outside and there’s no way to get there!

Now go grab some sushi – start with the a nice California roll! No raw fish here! Give it a try – you may be surprised!


A Day in the Life Of – Photo Project

by Donna on January 31, 2011

My dear friend and fellow blogger Rebekah over at Simply Rebekah put together a great photography challenge last month. It was called A Day in the Life Of…

It all started in 2009 when Rebekah grabbed her camera one morning and took a photo every hour for the entire day. At the end of the day what she had was a snapshot of what a day in her life looked like in 2009.

So I joined in this year for her first (maybe annual?!?) A Day in the Life of… Donna

January 21, 2011

8:30am Breakfast for the kids – pancakes!

9:30am – Working on my new blog… coming in Feburary!

10:30am – whipping up some egg cups for lunch

11:30 – Making lunch for the kids. PB&J, apples, cheese stick and some banana chips.

12:30 – Back to work – checking on a clients project – designing a website header for a Realtor in NJ

1:30 – Playing with the kids and eating some vanilla wafers – yes… my kids are still in their PJ's! Caleb later went on to sticking the cookies between his toes – way too cute!

1:30 – On the phone with Rebekah talking about our trip to Baltimore that evening.

3:30 – View from my desk, looks cold outside! Thank goodness I'm inside even if I'm still working!

4:30 – Like the do? It's hot I know! I'm getting ready to do my hair for the night – lovely look don't ya think?

5:30 – I'm embarrised that it took me one hour to get ready but voila – I'm ready to go!


6:30 – On the road to Baltimore – Rebekah brought clementines for us to snack on!

7:40ish – lost track of time – Just pulled off the exit into Baltimore … looking at Joe's Squared pizza place out the window! – Best Risotto ever!


8:30 – Watching the performance at Blog Love – trapeze artists

9:30 – Got to see these bloggy friends {Kalee and Ashley)


That’s it! I forgot to take my “goodnight” photo, but it was a very fun day.

I loved doing this project! What a fun way to record a day. I think it would be fun to do this again in a few months!

A big thanks to Rebekah who put this whole challenge together! Be sure to stop over to Simply Rebekah and check out all the other bloggers who participated!


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