I think most of us get to a point where we question life. We start to wonder why we are here. We question our true purpose. Our true purpose is not just about making money. We look inward. We realize how small we are when comparing ourselves to the bigger picture.

Where Are We Going?

Questions like that begin our personal journey of self-discovery. There are certain tools we can use to calculate where we came from and where we are going.
  1. The Numerology Calculator
  2. The Numerology Name Calculator
  3. The Name Numerology Calculator
  4. The Free Numerology Calculator
  5. The Name Calculator
  6. The Chaldean Calculator
You put together a profile of the person by creating numbers. These numbers are directly linked to the person’s name and birth date. The person’s profile holds information regarding a person’s relationships, their past, their present, and their future.


How Do I Calculate My Numbers?

You reduce your birth date down to three single digits. Your month/date/year will contain a master number. You add up all the master numbers and reduce the digits down once more.

The Life Path Number

There is something in the world of numerology called the “Life Path” number. Your Life Path number contains a profile of who you are. You can get the same information you might have received from your numerology calculator, your name calculator, your free numerology calculator, or Chaldean Calculator by using your Life Path number.
  1. You start by using your full birth date and year. The Life Path Calculations differ to the numerology name calculator or the name numerology calculator. They begin with a reduce birth date and year when the Life Path does not. Chad is born in December of 2009. Chad reduces the 12th month by adding 1+2=3.
  2. Chad then adds in the remaining single digits to get his number. Chad’s example is Month=3 + Day=1 + Year=2. 3 + 1 + 2 = 6.
Chad’s Life Path number is 6. Now we move onto the numbers and how they correspond to each person’s numerology.

What Does Your Life Path Number Reveal About Your Life Purpose?

  1. Each number corresponds to the manner of living you need to become accustomed to.
  2. You will have your success revealed and the roadblocks you need to overcome.
  3. Your number shows what work you need to do to be fulfilled in life.

Your Destiny Numbers Defined and Revealed

Number One
Your goal is to be successful in everything you do. You are a perfectionist, which sometimes frustrates others. You expect the best out of everyone you work with. You push yourself harder than anyone.

Number Two
Your goal is to bring people together in harmony and love. Love is very important to you, but so is diplomacy and working in a group dynamic.

Number Three
Your goal is to motivate. Your focus is to achieve your goals or get self-destructive. You will battle depression. You might also be judgmental towards others.

Number Four
You want something of value in your life. You also want to leave value behind as part of your legacy. You crave order. You are also known to be rigid at times.

Number Five
Your goal is to effect change and offer a sense of freedom to other people. Your motto stems from liberation and freedom. You can sell anything as long as you believe in what you are selling.

Number Six
You are a people pleaser and a nurturer, sometimes in the most unfortunate circumstances. You learned responsibility early in life and that will carry over into your adult years. You need to watch yourself on someone who likes to play the “victim”. You are more likely to be an enabler to them.

Number Seven
You are drawn to spirituality and learning. Knowledge is very important to you and your life’s mission.

Number Eight
You are an opinionated, controlling task-master. You crave power and financial freedom. You need to watch for greed because that will be your demise.

Number Nine
You want to achieve a heightened stated of consciousness. Some people might find you are hard to approach or arrogant, even when you try to help them. You need to watch how you talk to people. No one likes someone getting preachy on their “soapbox”, which is the way you might appear at times.