How to Calculate Your Numerology Name

In order to answer the question of what is my numerology name, which calculates your personality type, the most common way is to assign one through nine to each letter as numerology is about reduction to single digits:

chaldean numerology

Note that in order to calculate your numerology name , you must use your full legal name, not your nickname. This is in order to establish the maximum accuracy possible.

For example, if your full name is Lucita Kale John, using the chart laid out above, you would quickly calculate as your numerology name, 3+3+3+9+2+1+2+1+3+5+1+6+8+5=52, 5+2=7, the deep thinker

Here are some basics as to the results that are obtained when you calculate your numerology name:

Numerology Numbers and How To Calculate Them

  • One: Number one is a born leader. You tend to seem to possess an ability to stand alone and be highly independent. On the positive side, your tendencies lie in having very high self-confidence, creativity and originality. When imbalanced, however, you can become arrogant, impatient, and self-centered. When it comes to love and romantic relationships, you tend to always want to be in the lead. You’re not happy unless you’re the one doing the chasing and you need a lot of unpredictability and excitement because you tend to get bored easily.

  • Two: Number two is the mediator and peace-lover. You tend to value harmony, gentleness and consideration. You tend to be very talented at diplomacy and you possess a sensitive, warm and peaceful personality. When imbalanced, however, you can become clingy, passive-aggressive, and manipulative. Your tend to leave yourself too vulnerable in romantic and love relationships because of your general tendency to bend over backwards to keep them going. However, on the plus side, you tend to offer emotional security as well.

  • Three: Number three is the social butterfly type. You tend to love life and be optimistic and kind. You also tend to have a jovial nature and be very adventurous. When imbalanced, however, you have a tendency to get shallow, fragmented and exuberant. In love and romantic relationships, you tend to need a balance of time to yourself and contact with others. You’re often willing to experiment and are very energetic. However, it might be a good idea for you to set some boundaries for time to yourself since you tend to become restless if you feel too restricted.

  • Four: Number four is the worker. You tend to be very detail-oriented, helpful, hardworking, and trustworthy. You also tend to be logical and self-disciplined. When imbalanced, however, you tend to become self-contradicting, narrow-minded and stubborn. In love and romantic relationships, you tend to be trustworthy and even-tempered. You also tend to love a good debate. However, you may need to set some boundaries for having your own hobbies, nights out with your friends, time to yourself etc. since you tend to get frustrated and emotional when you feel restricted.

  • Five: Number five is the freedom lover. You also tend to possess a sense of high intellect. Aside from being romantic, you also tend to be highly adaptive, resourceful, witty, accommodating, and curious. However, when imbalanced, you tend to be inconsistent, non-committal and irresponsible. In romantic and love relationships, you tend to bring the wit of love to the fun. In order to prevent becoming bored, you require a lot of change, variety, and mental stimulation. When you’re partner isn’t reciprocating enough of it, you tend to become inconsistent and non-committal.

  • Six: Number six is the straight-laced peace lover. You tend to be even-tempered, loving and harmonious, family-loving, highly compassionate and domestic-oriented. However, when out of balance, you tend to become resistant to change, jealous, and superficial. In love and romantic relationships, your number one priority is usually doing your best to keep the peace and you tend to be very connected to your home and/or family. However, you need to be careful not to take it too far by doing things like being diplomatic to the point of superficiality, jealous and especially by becoming lethargic.

  • Seven: Number seven is the deep thinker. You tend to be very introspective, quiet and not very materialistic. Your ways tend to be unorthodox but reserved. However, when imbalanced, you tend to take too little action, be hard to reach, more eccentric than usual, and melancholic. In love and romantic relationships, you tend to be hard to understand and/or reach. As a devoted partner, you tend to bring some of your oddity into the kinkiness, which can serve as a catalyst for bringing your levels of intimacy beyond most people’s imagination. Do be careful not to throw too much of your idealism into relationship. This often leads to disappointment.

  • Eight: Number eight is the manager. You have a very strong sense of success and are business-oriented, practical, authoritative, courageous, and ambitious. However, when imbalanced, you tend to become forceful, materialistic, and tense. In love and romantic relationships, you tend to make the commitment with bravery and high responsibility. You also provide stability and practicality. Do be careful not to treat them as just another business deal as this tends to drive partners away.

  • Nine: Number nine is the teacher. You have a tendency to be partially impractical but very sympathetic and tolerant. At best, you tend to be very philanthropic, a rare gem, humanitarian, and determined. When imbalanced, however, you tend to become restless, moody, financially irresponsible, and, moody. In love and romantic relationships, you tend to be involved and helpful. However, be careful to set boundaries as people can easily see that as an opportunity to use you as a doormat. When you’re triggered, you can become quite volcanic.

Whichever of the above is your numerology name, is also your main vibration.