Family Christmas Vision Statement

by Donna on August 27, 2010

It seems like all of the pressure of planning a great Christmas is on the moms”

–  quote from a friend

I couldn’t agree more.

Of course, not ALL of the pressure is on the mom’s but sometimes it feels that way. I feel the pressure. I want to make THIS Christmas special and meaningful for our family. I want our children to truly understand why we celebrate Christmas, I want them to learn generosity and love to give to others. I also love to decorate, plan parties and celebrate with family and friends. Balancing the these priorities can be so tough and every year I feel like I run out of time to do everything that I was hoping. I don’t feel like this “pressure” is a bad thing necessarily, but a great opportunity to bring the true meaning of Christmas into our home.

This year I’m creating a Family Christmas Vision Statement. You can call it whatever you’d like, but I really think that putting things down in writing really helps you to focus on what’s important.  This covers the Why, How, Who and What’s of Christmas for our family. (sorry, I couldn’t think of a “where” and “when” – I figured those are home and um, Dec 25th :) )

  • WhyWHY do we celebrate Christmas? This is crucial, really understanding WHY we celebrate will help us to focus our time and energy on things that draw our families attention to JESUS. Take the time to think and pray about this with your spouse. Choose a special bible verse for your family to focus on at Christmas time.
    • Examples: We celebrate Christmas to honor God, to recognize Christ’s birth and to acknowledge the gift that was given to us.
  • HowHOW do we plan to Celebrate? Do you go to church on Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning? Do you invite family over, do you go to a family members home to celebrate. How will we celebrate Christmas morning?How will we celebrate Christmas throughout the month of December?
    • Examples: We host Christmas at our home. Everyone (all 6 guests) stay at our home, in the guest room on the couches, on the floor – no one really cares about the accommodations, it’s about family time! We go to the Christmas Eve service at church, then drive through a neighborhood that is lit up with luminaries. Last year everyone opened 1 gift on Christmas eve – a new pair of Christmas PJ’s! Christmas morning, the coffee is on with cinnamon rolls (thanks Pioneer Woman). Once the kids are up we all gather around and open gifts.
  • WhoWHO can we bless? This is a great question to involve the children. Think about those around you, family members, teachers, pastors, those in need, the elderly, widowed and alone. How can we bless others during the Christmas season. What would be a good way to bless those in need? How can you really bless others?
    • Examples: Bless a family in need, or a family going though a rough time, with a large gift or donation. Have the children send cards to our troops overseas? Donate your time to bless your child’s teacher? Volunteer at a soup kitchen. Adopt a needy family, provide gifts and Christmas dinner. Bake pies and deliver them to nursing home staff and residents. Bake cookies and donate to a non-profit (we did this last year as a part of Drop in and Decorate which I may do again this year. Give a financial gift to a family in need or a gift card for them to use for gifts this year.
  • WhatWHAT traditions are important to us? This is probably one of my favorite part of Christmas. I don’t remember having any specific traditions at Christmas time growing up but I know that my husband has a few, and I’ve heard of some really special traditions that I would love to incorporate for our family.
    • Examples: New PJ’s on Christmas eve. Opening one gift on Christmas Eve. Going to a candle lit service on Christmas eve. We have friends who sleep around the Christmas tree on Christmas eve! (love this idea!) Doing an advent calendar or Jesse Tree. Have a basket of Christmas books to read to your children each night leading up to Christmas (Add a new book each year for each child and if you keep all of these books for them you can pass them down to them! Write the year and their name on the inside cover)

I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Do you have special traditions you do as a family? How do you keep the focus on Jesus at Christmas time? How have you blessed others? I’m excited to work on our Vision Statement and think of ways we can make Christmas even more meaningful!

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